"To say we were lucky to come across Dunroven Ranch is a complete understatement. Mayra and Amy have changed our lives (as well as the life of our horse, Uno) for ever. There is no other place like Dunroven. From the hillside paddocks to the 24/7 care, they treat Uno as one of their own. His well-being and happiness is never in question. Once a show horse under the stresses of stall confinement and shoes, Uno has come to life again. His goofy and social personality is back, as he is free to simply be himself. He can eat when he wants to, roam when he wants to, and socialize with the other horses when he wants to. This is the first time in his life when he’s had this luxury, and we could never picture taking him from this paradise. Amy and Mayra are so hands on, so attentive, that if anything happens, they take matters into their own hands. Moving Uno from our backyard stable to a ranch several hours from our home was a huge decision, but we knew there wasn’t any other place we could take him that would offer the same kind of treatment. Not to mention the ranch’s unparalleled location and setting. Nestled in the beautiful and serene foothills of the Sequoia National Forest, our weekend getaways to see Uno turn into more of a rural retreat. We always come back home fully recharged and rejuvenated. We couldn’t recommend this place enough. If you’re looking for a calm, peaceful, and natural setting for your horse, look no further than Dunroven Ranch."

Samantha Samuels

Margie and Uno at Dunroven Ranch

 My horse, Uno, has been boarded with Dunroven Ranch for 4 1/2 years.  It was the wisest decision I've ever made in my life.  Ever.
The owners are angels disguised as human beings.  Both are avid horsewomen and they are as intelligent as anyone I've known.  Both are spiritual and patient.
Mayra is responsible for all the feeding and day-to-day care of the animals.  Amy is the best barefoot horse trimmer on the planet.  Both are self-proclaimed HORSE LOVERS!  Together they make a divine team as custodians of my beloved equine.
Each day Uno is turned out of his already large paddock and shelter area, into a larger pasture, encouraging movement and overall good health.
I feel wonderful that I am able to retire Uno in dignity, with all the freedom and peace and quiet that my beloved boy deserves.  And that he can now actually FEEL like a horse and not a Barbie doll jailed in a stall. 
It gives me peace of mind that he can live like that - without unnecessary restrictions - yet within a safe and healthful environment. I am at peace assured that Uno is well taken care of, giving me the freedom to leave for a weekend without worrying about him.
My daughter and I visit Uno when we want to and the car ride to the ranch is very scenic. It is a rejuvenating time for us.
​ If you're considering hanging up your spurs and retiring your beloved horse and you think it's time to let your horse have the freedom and space to just be a horse.  If you're considering making the transition to board him or her at a lovely retirement ranch, I highly recommend Dunroven Ranch.

​ Margie Samuels

 My father owned horses all his life. When he died in 2006 at age 88, he still had two horses. Dakota and Shadow were living on family owned property in the hills of San Jose that had no running water. It was difficult for us to keep them fed, watered and cared for as we had full time jobs.  Although we wanted to keep the horses, we knew we could not take care of them ourselves and so looked extensively for a solution that would provide a loving, secure and permanent refuge for our aging horses.
​ After much searching we found Dunroven Horse Retirement Ranch. Their website let us know that we had found a suitable home for our horses, even though it was over 200 miles from San Jose.
It was very hard for us to have the horses leave, but it turned out to be an excellent choice for the horses. Mayra and Amy provided attentive and loving care for 5 years for Dakota and 8 years for Shadow. They worked hard on caring for their hooves, monitoring their health and providing a safe haven for our horses. They researched proper care for their ailments and kept us fully informed on their condition and what they thought would be the best course of action for each horse.
​ All of our family looked forward to our monthly email update from Dunroven Ranch, complete with weather report, the condition of the horses and, of course, wonderful pictures.
​ It would have been impossible for us to have any better solution for our horses than the outstanding care that was provided by Dunroven Ranch and we will always be grateful to Mayra and Amy for that extra loving care provided to both horses.
​ Charlotte and Paulette Doudell 

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​Sam and Uno

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