For horses that are retired and still ridable, we have a small arena for riding.  We are located 45 minutes from Sequoia National Forest providing free horse camping facilities and wonderful trails for riding.  Younger sound horses are welcome, if you want to board your horse to be close to the mountains for riding.  We will ride a well trained horse for a fee, keeping them tuned up.

Horse retirement, Rehabilitation,  Layup, Natural Hoof care.                                                          Boarding for Mountain riding excellance

      Horse Heaven on Earth

Dunroven Ranch  51090 Eshom Valley Dr. Badger, CA 93603  559-967-3047 Amy Farrell  559-967-1344  Mayra Paldon

Our wonderful vet, Dr Kaylee Lashnits, comes to the ranch providing expertise and compassionate care. 

We offer a large paddock for each horse when they are not turned out. Usually the horses are out all day and come in for the night.  Each paddock has a walk-in stall. Some walk-ins also have an extra veranda roof. 

As an added bonus, there is also a walk-in feed stall. This is used in the winter when the ground is too muddy to put good hay on.

Imagine, pouring rain thundering on the roof of the feed stall, and your horse is eating his or her hay, dry and contented. 

Now that is happiness.

Our turnout area is designed in a horseshoe shape. This encourages  movement.  And with few horses there is plenty of room to spread out. But, being horses, they like to stick together in a herd.  In the spring there is green grass for grazing.

At 3000 ft elevation, we are below the Sequoia National Park snow line and above the San Joaquin Valley fog in winter. 

Then spring turns to summer. And, as it should be, what is left of the green grass dries up.  We then put out many piles of high quality grass hay to encourage  grazing-like movement. 

Horses should not be on rich green grass all year round, because horses are in fact desert animals and the best feed is low sugar grass hay

Dunroven Ranch is the best ranch for your horse's retirement years.

We love horses!