You are welcome to visit your horse by appointment. We are located 45 minute outside Sequoia & Kings Canyon Parks so you can make a vacation out of it!

Boarding requirements

* No stallions or proud cut geldings. We are only accepting mares and geldings that get along well with mares.

* Proof of negative coggins within the past year.

* Funerary deposit of $800.00 for care of your horse and the remains at time of death.  Minis are $650.00. The funerary deposit will be returned if your horse is moved prior to death. 

‚Äč* First months board at time of contract signing. For a copy of the Dunroven Ranch contract please email us.

Additional Fees:

Natural hoof trimming

For retired horses and sound horses, natural hoof trimming is on a six week basis at $35.00 per trim added to every other monthly payment.

For foundered rehabilitating horses, natural hoof trimming will be:

For the severely foundered horse, the initial trim is $100.00 and $100.00 per month for weekly trims to expedite healing.  As the horse's condition improves the trims will be needed less than weekly and thus the charges will decrease.

For a less than severely foundered horse or a horse with hoof issues, Amy will determine trim schedule in consultation via emails and photos sent to


Mayra is happy to feed supplements like equine senior, rice bran, senior flex and the like at no charge. You pay for the supplements. This will be arranged at contract signing.

Basic monthly boarding fee is $300.00

We do accept mini horses, monthly board is $270.00 
This includes:

Fenced paddock a minimum 100' x 50' with rail fencing. 1-2 compatible horses per paddock with a large walk-in stall and feed stall.

Natural feeding three times a day of high quality grass hay.

Access to a salt block and fresh well water.

Digital Diary

Each month we  email you photos of your horse and tell you how he or she is doing. 


Mayra Paldon is part owner and is Dunroven's ranch manager.  Here 24 / 7 Mayra sees to the daily feeding, turnout and overall care of the horses.

      Horse Heaven on Earth

Dunroven Ranch the best ranch for your horse's retirement years.

We love horses!


Our wonderful vet Dr. Kaylee Lashnits comes to the ranch administering West Nile Virus vaccine in the spring.  On these visits she also provides dental care.  Each horse is checked to determine if dental care is necessary.  Charges will be billed by us for her charges only.  She is also available for any emergency care and any care other than the spring visit. Any care will be billed.

Services & Fees

Horse retirement, Rehabilitation,  Layup, Natural Hoof care.                                                          Boarding for Mountain riding excellance

Dunroven Ranch 51090 Eshom Valley Drive, Badger, Ca 93603  559-967-3047 Amy  559-967-1344 Mayra