Certified in Farrier Science in 1986 from the renowned Porterville Horseshoeing School, Amy has a solid  education in hoof anatomy and pathology.

No longer an advocate of horseshoeing, Amy is devoted to natural hoof care.  Adhering to the mustang model, Amy's trimming ensures the health of the equine hoof. 

Through corrective trimming and diet, conditions such as founder, laminitis, contracted heels, thrush and lameness due to overgrown hooves can be corrected.  

Back pain and joint pain due to poor posture from incorrect angles of the hoof can be corrected and healed.

Dunroven Ranch is the best ranch for your horse's retirement years.

We love horses!

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Amy also trims draft horses, mustangs, foals, mini horses, burros and goats.

If you live within 75 miles of Badger and would like Amy to come to your home or ranch you can call her to make an appointment.


Amy Farrell

Natural Hoof Care at Dunroven Ranch